Deshon Marman arrested at San Francisco International Airport

Deshon Marman, 20, was arrested at San Francisco International Airport, for suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. Marman was removed from an airplane after he refused to pull up his saggy pants.

Marman was wearing a pair of loose pants which had fallen below his waist and had exposed his boxer shorts. He’s not Lil Wayne or a hip hop artiste at a concert so he was arrested. Marman was prevented from boarding his flight flying from San Francisco to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Marman had been politely asked to pull up his pants at the boarding gate. He refused and went on ahead to board the plane. The airline’s staff called police to remove Marman from the plane. Marman was arrested and detained pending $11,000 bail. He is a football player in his college in New Mexico and may lose his position.

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