Kansas plane crash survivor Hannah Luce

Hannah Luce, 22, is the sole survivor of a plane crash, in Kansas. On May 11, 2012, the Cessna 401, a plane with 8 seats, went down into a field, crashed into trees and exploded into flames.

Austin Anderson, 27, a war veteran who was a former Marine, was one of the passengers. He rescued Luce from the burning plane. He had serious burns on 90% of his body. Anderson died in hospital. Luce had some burns over 28% of her body. The two plane crash victims walked to a nearby road to ask for help.

The plane was piloted by Luke Sheets, 23, who died at the crash site. Two other passengers who died were Garrett Coble, 29, and Stephen Luth, 22. All victims were friends at Oral Roberts University. They had wanted to travel to Iowa to attend a Christian rally organized by Hannah’s father, Ron Luce.

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