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J-Woww At Fargo Airport

J-Woww, from Jersey Shore fame, has complained about the way TSA treated her at an airport in North Dakota. J-Woww said she was targetted as the TSA agents singled her out. She received a full body pat down. She has…

Allegiant Air Flight 357

Allegiant Air Flight 357 (from Medford MFR to Las Vegas LAS) had a plane with a blown engine. Allegiant Air’s plane, with 2 engines, was a MD-83. There were 145 passengers and crew on board. Fortunately, the engine exploded before…

Plane Crash In Vancouver

A Beech King Air 100 nearly came to grief after a rough landing on a street, in Vancouver, Canada. The small, light plane carried 9 people with passengers and crew. They were injured and sent to hospital immediately.