Troy Daniel Long flies chained Cessna 152

Troy Daniel Long has been arrested for suspected attempted theft. Long was found in the cockpit of a small, light plane, trying to take off from the runway.

The worst mistake that a flying student pilot could make was starting the engine of an aircarft still chained to the tarmac. The Cessna 152 prop plane was parked at the Compton Airport. Deputies arrived to see Long trying to fly the plane, which was still chained to the ground.

Long has been accused of stealing the keys to the plane, by using a weapon. Long was a former trainee pilot at the airport and knew where the keys of the plane were kept. When the staff saw what he was doing, they confronted him and tried to stop him. Long pulled out a gun and threatened them.

He got to the tarmac, but staff had alerted police. The sheriff’s deputies of Compton, in Los Angeles, arrived in time, to catch him red handed. They told him to shut down the plane’s engine. The deputies had their guns drawn. Faced with no alternative, Long surrendered.

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